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Iron Maiden faz acordo em processo de plágio

Iron Maiden fez um acordo para finalizar o processo de plágio que enfrentava por "Hallowed Be Thy Name", faixa do álbum de 1982, The Number Of The Beast. A banda pagou aproximadamente 100 mil libras para encerrar o processo legal. 

Steve Harris e Dave Murray do Iron Maiden foram processador por Barry McKay, ex-empresário da banda Beckett. McKay alegava que os compositores do Iron Maiden se inspiraram fortemente em diversas frases da letra da música “Life’s Shadow”, de 1974. Enquanto a música do Beckett diz: “Others are glad to see him gone / Mark my words my soul lives on”, na música do Iron Maiden é dita a frase: “Mark my words believe my soul lives on / Don’t worry now that I have gone”.

O Iron Maiden pagou a quantia aos compositores de "Life's Shadow", Brian Quinn e Robert Barton. Um porta-voz da banda emitiu a seguinte declaração:

"Nós não acreditamos que foi Brian Quinn quem escreveu estas frases em questão há 40 anos, como foi alegado por Barry McKay. No entanto, devido a quantias crescentes em taxas legais e o possível custo enorme de um caso em tribunal, nós achamos pragmático chegar a um acordo com esta ação por £100 mil, uma fração do que ele pedia no processo. Um litigante em série como Mr. McKay provavelmente previu isto". 

"Hallowed Be Thy Name" foi retirada do setlist dos shows da banda por causa do processo em questão. Com a finalização do caso, a banda deve retornar a fazer performances do clássico. 

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Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name

Beckett - Life´s Shadow

IRON MAIDEN Settles Lawsuit Over 'Hallowed Be Thy Name' Songwriting Credits

A year ago, retired rock band manager Barry McKay took MAIDEN's Steve Harris and Dave Murray to court over the 1982 track, claiming reproduced major parts of another song, "Life's Shadow", co-written nearly a decade earlier by musician Brian Quinn, under the name Brian Ingham.

"Life's Shadow" was a collaboration between Quinn and Robert Barton, who later recorded the song for the self-titled 1974 album from his band BECKETT. At the time, BECKETT was managed by Rod Smallwood, who went on to become the manager of IRON MAIDEN.

In court documents, Harris's lawyers admitted he saw BECKETT perform in 1973 and said that BECKETT's debut was one of his favorite albums when it was first released. 

Although McKay has said that Harris and Murray have been ordered to pay £900,000 (approximately $1.25 million) in costs and damages, a spokesperson for IRON MAIDEN told BLABBERMOUTH.NET that the actual figure was much lower.

"We do not believe that Brian Quinn was the one who wrote these six lines in question over 40 years ago as was claimed by Barry McKay," the MAIDEN spokesperson said. "However, due to escalating legal fees and the potential huge costs of a court case, it was pragmatic to reluctantly settle this action with McKay for £100,000 [approximately $139,000], a fraction of what he brought the action for. A serial litigant like Mr. McKay would have foreseen this."

In response to MAIDEN's statement, McKay said: "To call me a 'serial litigant' is sour grapes. Harris and Murray and their managers appear to me to be bad losers. However, I am now also representing three other songwriters who also allege that Steve Harris and Dave Murray have profiteered from lyrics that they wrote. If that makes me a 'serial litigant,' so be it. Musicians who have their intellectual property exploited by others who did not write or compose it are entitled to professional assistance."

MAIDEN last year dropped "Hallowed Be Thy Name" from its setlist after the band became embroiled in the legal dispute. The settlement means that the group can now resume performing the song during its live shows.

MAIDEN's representatives at Phantom Management issued a statement last year in which they acknowledged that "Steve Harris was a fan of BECKETT and some six lines from 'Life's Shadow' were referenced in Steve's song 'Hallowed Be Thy Name'." However, they insisted at the time that as far as Steve was concerned, "this matter was settled some years ago by agreement with Robert Barton."

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